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Farm Landform Original Alcohol Ink Landscape Painting

Farm Landform Original Alcohol Ink Landscape Painting

From Pam Morgan Studio

Farm Landscape Original Alcohol Ink Landscape Painting captures the essence of a bucolic countryside, with rolling hills and verdant fields stretching as far as the eye can see. From the perspective of a hilltop, the viewer gaze’s down upon the patchwork of the farm landscape, where lush green crops and neatly planted rows of vegetation form intricate patterns across the land. The vibrant hues of the crops create a mosaic of color, with shades of green interspersed with earthy tones and splashes of yellows. Tall grasses sway gently in the foreground, their golden stalks adding depth and texture to the composition. Above, the billowing clouds form their own interesting patterns. As the viewer takes in the scene, they are transported to a place of tranquility and harmony, where the rhythm of nature unfolds in perfect symmetry. “Farm Landform” is a celebration of the beauty and bounty of the countryside, inviting the observer to immerse themselves in the timeless allure of rural life. Done on 12x12 gallery wrapped canvas with alcohol inks, sealed with UV Varnish. Painting size: 12x12

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