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New Moon Soy Candle

New Moon Soy Candle

From Frequency

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Each candle contains an entire 15ml bottle of pure essential oils!

New moon is a mysterious and intriguing blend of lavender and frankincense. Otherworldly in it’s charm, it embodies the mystery and anticipation of a new moon. T

his crystal soy candle is topped with lavender stalks, frankincense tears, moonstone and paired with my new moon essential oil blend. T

he candle is an all-natural soy blend with pure EO's. New Moon essential oil blend: LAVENDER (lavandula) ESSENTIAL OIL, FRANKINCENSE (boswellia serrata) ESSENTIAL OIL, CLARY SAGE (salvia sclarea)

My handmade products are always free of dyes and synthetic fragrances!


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