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Priscilla, The Diva Prima Donna Bird

Priscilla, The Diva Prima Donna Bird

From Pam Morgan Studio

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Priscilla was a tiny bird adorned in luxurious shades of pink.

Her tale was one of soaring melodies and captivating performances. Her stage was a grand old oak tree, where she held court, entertaining an audience of admiring woodland creatures.

Her story became a testament to the enchanting power of music and the vibrant passionate spirit of a true diva.

Mixed media painting done in watercolors, markers, pens on 140 lb paper. Brown plastic frame with HD plastic cover comes with hanger and easel back.

Painting size: 5x7. Matted and framed size 9 1/4"x11 1/4". Part of a Collection of 6 Whimsical Birds

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