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Single Loon - Hand Painted Pendant

Single Loon - Hand Painted Pendant

From Endeavored Art by Nichole

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I absolutely adore loons -
they are fascinating creatures.
And, living in the Moose Mountains Region of New Hampshire, we are not far for many lakes which means we can often hear their calls in the summer. Sometimes eerie but mostly just mesmerizing.

This sweet loon swims against dark waters, perhaps in the darkened night. Although on a "mini canvas", you can still spot it's characteristic shimmery colors above and below the white neck stripes. White spots adorn its black back and wings. A very pretty piece.

I hand painted this pendant using chaulk-acrylic paints on a bamboo bead that is 1.5 inches high.
A much smaller canvas than my other larger signs but lovely all the same!

The painted portion was finished with a clear topcoat.
The pendant hangs on a 24 inch antique copper chain.

This would make a wonderful gift for someone who loves loons, lake life and nature.

Thank you for checking out my creative work.

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