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Sunrise Through the Birches

Sunrise Through the Birches

From Endeavored Art by Nichole

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"Sunrise through the Birches"

In my most recent series, I hand painted up-cycled glass bottles with birch inspired scenes. Each one is absolutely unique to itself with layers of color building character and dimension.

This bottle which I've entitled "Sunrise through the Birches" is a hand painted piece on an up-cycled cider bottle. The birch trees rise tall toward the sky against a background which reminds me of sunrise peeking through a green forest. You can see bits of pink and yellow blends shining through the greens.

Birch trees are a favorite of mine. I find their unique bark to be beautiful and love their resiliency as they often bend to withstand New Hampshire winters without breaking and then green up yet again in the spring giving the chickadees a safe canopy in which to flit branch to branch.

Up-cycling and repurposing items to create unique canvases is a passion of mine. I love the practice of extending the life of an item as long as we can particularly when we can give it new life through art.

Layers of blending, stenciling and mark marking lend to a pretty texture you can feel through the paint.

This bottle is approximately 12 inches tall and 3 inches wide. It has been top coated with a clear liquid sealer.This piece should not be washed in a dish washer. If you need to clean it, I would recommend a light wipe with slightly moist napkin or towel. Do not submerge in water.The accompanying photos showcase this vase with dried mint from the garden as well as fresh flowers from local JessiWayne Farm. *mint/flowers not included*

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