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Cherish Mixed Media Resin Art

Cherish Mixed Media Resin Art

From The Joy Shoppe

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Step into a world of enchantment with our captivating Cherish Resin Mixed Media Art. Infused with vibrant hues of orange, cobalt blue, yellow, pink, purple, and kelly green, this piece is a celebration of life's kaleidoscope of emotions.

At its heart lies the essence of "cherish," encapsulating the profound significance of treasured moments. Embrace the beauty of this Resin Mixed Media Art, where fleeting moments are captured in a symphony of color and texture. Whether adorning your home or office, let this artwork serve as a reminder to cherish every precious moment life has to offer.

Measures 10x10 inches. Perfect framed or unframed. Display as wall art or as a shelf sitter. Clean only with damp cloth.

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