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Decorative Whimsical Tree

Decorative Whimsical Tree

From From My Palette to Yours

Imagine stepping into a sunlit garden, alive with the vibrant hues and delicate forms of spring and summer. This handmade tree sculpture, crafted with love and creativity, encapsulates the essence of this lively season. The tree is no ordinary tree—it's a whimsical creation, a paper mache cone transformed into a captivating work of art.

Each element of the tree is a testament to Karen's artistic vision. Adorning its branches are meticulously crafted resin molds, capturing the beauty of nature's bounty. Resin flowers in full bloom, their petals frozen in time with intricate detail. Bees hover among these blooms, their tiny forms buzzing with life and energy.

What truly brings this tree to life is the choice of colors. The resin elements are painted with warm, bright hues—sunshine yellows, passionate pinks, verdant greens, and sky blues. These colors evoke the joy and vibrancy of a summer day, infusing the piece with a sense of happiness and optimism.

This beautiful tree, standing 18.5"h x 5"w is not just a sculpture; it's a celebration of the beauty found in the everyday wonders of the natural world. Placed in a sunlit corner of a room, it becomes a focal point, a reminder of the joy and magic of spring or summer captured in resin and paint.

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