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Hand Painted Monarch on Slate

Hand Painted Monarch on Slate

From Endeavored Art by Nichole

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I absolutely adore this painting. In our own efforts to help monarchs in some way, we've lot milkweed grow around our property undisturbed as well as raised monarch caterpillars from the eggs laid in our yard. It's been a fascinating experience and we've learned so much about these beautiful insects.

I painted this piece on slate from a reference photo of one of the butterflies we released in our yard onto goldenrod. This piece is hand painted in chaulk-acrylic paint and clear coated. For the detail lines, I etched away the paint to reveal the slate. The slate, too, gives some additional texture.

To me, this is such a joyful piece in coloring and subject. This piece is heavier than a wood or traditional canvas since it is slate.

I display it on a stand or leaned on a wall. It is approximately 11.5 inches tall and 5.5 inches wide.It would make a lovely gift for someone who loves monarch butterflies or as an addition to your art wall.

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