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Set of 2 Hand Painted Decorative Loon Spoons

Set of 2 Hand Painted Decorative Loon Spoons

From Endeavored Art by Nichole

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I absolutely adore loons -
they are fascinating creatures.
And, living in the Moose Mountains Region of New Hampshire, we are not far for many lakes which means we can often hear their calls in the summer. Sometimes eerie but mostly just mesmerizing.

This pair of loons was hand painted on upcycled wooden spoons with chaulk-acrylic paints and finished with a clear top coat.

They are intended for decoration only.

Each loon sits at the edge of the water, grasses coming up through the water. They each have their distinctive characteristics of black and white features plus shimmery plumage on their necks.

I hand painted this pendant using chaulk-acrylic paints on a bamboo bead that is 1.5 inches high.
They are painted on all sides.

This pair would make a wonderful gift for someone who loves loons, lake life and nature. Or, to add to your cottage or lake cabin decor.

Thank you for checking out my creative work.

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