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"Spring Daffodil" Original Mini Art on Upcycled Poker Chip

"Spring Daffodil" Original Mini Art on Upcycled Poker Chip

From Endeavored Art by Nichole

My Art Chips were created from repurposed poker chips. This series is an endeavor to take something old and transform it into something joyful that can bring a smile in any space or as an artful meditative reminder in your pocket!

Each upcycled poker chip was patiently painted on one side with layers of color, texture and markings to begin and then finished with a final subject. Each one is absolutely unique with its own color and marking combination.

"Spring Daffodil" includes a singular golden daffodil against a pretty background of blues and purples. 

The varying hues happily work together to create an interesting canvas that can fit on your desk, your art table, your car dashboard or as a new addition to your "mini art" collection.

Or, these little art chips can fit in your pocket or bag to tag along with you. 
Whenever you need a little artful reminder, take them out to admire. 
Or, if you, like me, sometimes need to stim or move your hands to relieve anxiety, these make an artful fidget tool. The contrast between the textured painted side and the unpainted smooth side gives your hands something to feel and focus on while the small size of the art chips make them easy to play with in one hand as you write or draw with the other.

The diameter of each art chip is approximately 1.5" wide.

Thanks for supporting my art journey.
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