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"Sunflowers" Original Hand-Painted Jewelry Box

"Sunflowers" Original Hand-Painted Jewelry Box

From Thirteen Design

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"Sunflowers" is an original, hand-painted, jewelry box. This piece was created with the sunflower lover in mind. Sunflowers can hold special meaning for some and simply bring joy to others. Whatever the reason, sunflowers are a very popular flower and therefore a very trendy decor choice.

This great vintage jewelry box was painted a deep navy blue with a gradated misty white floating up from the bottom of the piece. I then hand-painted 2 sunflowers on the right side of the box and one on the right top of the piece. I took great care to add detail but use a looser style of painting. The bright yellows are a great contrast and really pop off of the dark navy backdrop.

The interior of this piece is a great light blue and offers ample storage within the 4 drawers. The cupboard area opens up fully and has specialized storage for necklaces, earrings, and rings. The original hardware was polished and reinstalled.

As with any pre-loved piece, this is a vintage piece and may have some imperfections. I do, however, make an effort to select pieces with minimal imperfections.

My pricing includes standard shipping. As with all of my pieces this piece is artist signed.

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