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When Your Pink Purples - Original Painting on Upcycled Tile

When Your Pink Purples - Original Painting on Upcycled Tile

From Endeavored Art by Nichole

"When Your Pink Purples" from the Tiles & Time Birch Collection

My Tiles & Time Birch Collection is a series of textured, vibrantly colored, joyful birch trees which I lovingly hand painted on upcycled tiles.

For me, birch trees are a representation of nature's beauty and resilience. A reminder to keep our own heads held high in the face of obstacles.

Patiently created over a series of days, each tile includes layers of hues and markings which create a unique combination between the sky background and the individual birch trees. No two tiles are alike though they do work well in collections of 2 or more.

"When Your Pink Purples" includes very pretty blend of pink and blues which mix into lovely purples.

Each tile is 6 inches tall by 3 inches wide, providing a smaller but still full of character canvas which could easily fit in most spaces you hope to bring a pop of artful happiness. Your office desk, your studio table, your meditation corner - this canvas will easily fit right in.

I enjoy using repurposed materials in my art to extend the life of items we may otherwise forget or discard.

Each tile canvas is sealed, and signed by the artist.

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